Since its inception in 1897, Palolo Chinese Home (PCH) has been caring for Hawaii’s elders.  A premier provider of long term care services to seniors in the State of Hawaii, PCH is open to all – regardless of race, religion, gender and national origin.

Today, PCH is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3), charitable organization whose mission is to assist and care for elders and their families by providing a continuum of care, which is professional and interdisciplinary, in a culturally sensitive family setting. 

With more than 100 years of tradition and experience, PCH knows the art, not just the science of caring for elders.  (More on our history…)

The blessing of “long life” is universally celebrated. At Palolo Chinese Home, the Chinese character for Longevity (shou) has long been used as a symbol. The artist, by adding two brush strokes, has incorporated the Chinese character for people of mankind (ren), and the result is an image of a roof embracing long life – our wish for you. The unbroken circle signifies our mission of continuous care and respect for our kupuna (elders). Logo designed for Palolo Chinese Home by Clarence Lee.